The Local 913: The Crew of The Half Moon


For the last weeks of 2017, we’re revisiting our top local albums of the year. This week, we focus on The Crew of The Half Moon.

We’re branching out to Johnstown, PA, where the local group The Crew of The Half Moon have released their first album as a trio. The band originally was an acoustic duo made up of Dan Oatman and Kate Rhodes, but changed their sound after they obtained electric amps and a drummer. The new album Blanket Fort Radio’s striking opening track “U-235” has a heavy back story:

“I watched a documentary on PBS about what the U.S. government does with all the high level nuclear waste they have left over from making the U-bomb. U-235 is a uranium isotope that is contained in these bombs. It’s a high level nuclear waste that has a half-life of 7 million years or something like that. They put this in underground vats and it will literally take millions of years before the majority of its re-activity is gone. I was in a place in my life where I was dealing with friends who had gotten into the opioid problem. That is such a problem particularly in the rust belt area. I started drawing parallels between this hidden uranium that most people understand is there. They don’t wanna think about it or talk about. It’s better off hidden to decay. I was drawing parallels between that and the opioid problem, which I think have a lot In common.”

Find out more about The Crew of The Half Moon at their website.

Photo by Jason Bafile Photography