The Local 913: The Beagle Brothers


The Pittsburgh country band The Beagle Brothers has just released their latest album that encompasses “The Bloomfield Sound.”

“We identified early on that we are the architects of the Bloomfield Sound. You say it long enough and it catches on. Andy Mulkerin wrote an article in City Paper talking about The Bloomfield Sound, comparing it to Chet Vincent, which legitimized it more than I would have ever expected. The Bloomfield Sound is a group of friends coming together and it’s driven by the community of the bar. Our habit of going to Sonny’s is what really started the country band what drove it for a long time.”

That’s Read Connelly, who’s played in The Beagle Brothers since 2008. Although the band is primarily an alt-country act, they used to tout a very different sound

“There’s a version of The Beagle Brothers from the 90’s at IUP that was a rock band. Even until 2005 they were playing gigs as a rock band. The central point of the band is Sonny’s Tavern on Millvale Ave. That’s where they started hanging out and drinking and where they were offered this gig to play the country set. That’s the formative part of the country band. They’re playing traditional country. They don’t have a drum set; they have an upright bass player and two guitars.”

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