The Local 913: Some Kind of Animal


The Pittsburgh indie folk act Some Kind of Animal was started by longtime friends Anthony Jardine and Tim Mulhern. Unlike their previous louder musical endeavors, Some Kind of Animal is focused on quieter music inspired by Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley. 

Frontman Jardine, raised around Cranberry, has been around music all his life

“My uncle had a music shop on Babcock blvd., so this was back in the day. It was called Jardine’s Music and that’s my last name. It was a mom and pop shop; really small. We got bought out by the heavy hitters of the music business as far as music shops go. Music’s always been in my family, whether it was my mom playing the record player or my dad strumming on a guitar.”

The debut album from Some Kind of Animal was produced by Tyler Watkins of Margot and the Nuclear So & Sos. They travelled to Indianapolis to Watkins’ studio, Postal Recordings

“We had trouble finding the place because we were pulling up and saw a post office where there was supposed to be a studio. Then I pulled that dumb move where I was like, “Ooooh Postal Recordings! Okay!” That was pretty funny. It was neat because they built everything up by hand into a studio. You couldn’t even tell by being inside that it was a post office. The outside just had a post office type of logo on it.”

More on Some Kind of Animal is at their website.