The Local 913: Slugss


Pittsburgh indie rock band Slugss was started when older brother Lukas Trukenbrod saw that his little brother was ready to work on a serious project with him. 

“Lukas spent about two years in Austin. When he was coming back to town he sent me a text: “I’m coming back to town are you gonna play drums in my band?” I was a little behind in development, but he saw I was finally getting to the point that I could hold it down in band. I had been playing in other bands in the area and developing my skills as a drummer. It was just kind of the obvious choice; me being a more mature person at that point and time.”

That’s Benny Trukenbrod, drummer for Slugss with his older brother Lukas. The two brothers are not the first in their family to play in a rock and roll band. 

“My dad is the reason we all play music. He’s been in bands his whole life. He’s the inspiration for my brother to play guitar. My dad still plays guitar in a band in Pittsburgh. He plays in The Turbosonics, which is a ten year strong surf-rock band that finds a home at Neids Hotel. They play with Slim Forsyth a lot.”

Look out for Slugss’ full-length release in March. In the meantime, they’ve released a couple new songs on their bandcamp

Photo by Lukas Read