The Local 913: Rachel Lynne


Raised outside of Atlanta, Georgia, singer-songwriter Rachel Lynne can never remember a time where she wasn’t creating music and writing songs. 

“I just always remember loving music and singing to myself, singing along. Any instrument around, I would just tinker around on it and play by ear. I never had a moment that I started writing that I can think of, it’s really weird. It’s something that’s always been inside of me. The more that happens to me and the more I grow and go through, I’m able to let music be my outlet. I just kind of starting creating stuff on my own.”

Lynne, who’s recently been quietly taking the Pittsburgh music scene by storm, came to the city years ago on a whim. 

“I met someone through, actually, Myspace (laughs). I ended up visiting; I took a train here, a 28 hour train ride. It was kind of crazy cuz I’d never done anything like that before. It felt like a movie or something. I remember it was really cold when I got here! I justfell in love with the city more and more on every visit. On the fourth visit, I just told myself “Pittsburgh is so much fun and I need something new. If find a job while I’m down there, I’m just gonna move there.” I found a job within a week on Craigslist, so I just stayed.”

Lookout for Rachel Lynne opening for Lukas Nelson at the Arts Fest on June 6th and a future full length from the songwriter. More on Rachel Lynne is at her website. 

Photo courtesy of Rachel Lynne. 

Check out Rachel Lynne's full interview on The Local 913 Podcast.

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