The Local 913: Mkv


Although local emcee Mkv, aka Marcus Vaughn, was born in Chicago, he doesn’t recall too much from his time there. “I just remember that instead of “Lays Potato Chips”, they had “Jays Potato Chips”… That’s all I remember.”  Vaughn and his family moved to Pittsburgh when he was 5 or 6 years old where his grandmother already lived. Growing up, Marcus found writing poetry to be an important outlet

"I had a bad temper when I was young. I didn’t really know what to do with it. I actually went to see a therapist who said I should write down what I feel. I started writing down things. At first it was poetry. It transformed into writing lyrics and I started rapping. Mostly I would freestyle. I didn’t really rap in front of anybody. I didn’t take it serious; more so I was having fun with it.”

Vaughn is one half of the Pittsburgh hip-hop group Lucid Music.

"I feel like in Lucid Music, what we do is more up-tempo and back and forth. Solo, I feel like I get to take it to a different level. I’m more so an emotional rapper and I evoke my emotions. I don’t do that so much with Lucid Music because we have a certain style. It’s completely different from Lucid Music. I don’t want to say it’s a separate identity, but it gives me a chance to do something new and I like to challenge myself.”

Lucid Music will have new music out soon, but in the meantime, Marcus has released solo music under the name Mkv. Check out more on Mkv at his Facebook