The Local 913: Lucid Music


With roots in Southern California and Chicago, the hip-hop duo Lucid Music met while working in Pittsburgh retail. Warren Parker and Marcus Vaughn realized they had performing and recording in common, so they started working together. Both were working out of their grandmother’s houses.

“I’m pretty sure neither one of our grandmothers knew what was going on at the time. The entire time we were recording in the attic, I’m pretty sure my grandmother had no idea what was going on. Occasionally she’d go up there. I’m sure she saw the equipment, but she never asked any questions. We tried to be quiet, as not to disturb her, but I’m pretty sure she had no idea what was going on (laughs)!” 

The duo pride themselves on being accessible to all ages and groups of people through their positive, profanity free lyrics

“We felt we could be more creative if we didn’t use profanity. You hear profanity so much that we’ve been desensitized to it. It starts to sound the same and loses its power if everybody is saying it all the time. Plus, we didn’t want Marcus’ family to hear him cursing, so that was always a good thing!”

Lucid Music’s last album Accept Us offers clever word play on its lead track “Except Us” 

“We’ve been doing this for a long time and we put it out there. The concept is “accept us, we’ve been doing this, we’re here, so accept it.” The flipside is a lot of ppl are doing the same thing: going the same route, have the same sound and look… except us, we’re doing our own thing. That’s the flip of it.”

More on Lucid Music on their FaceBook.

Photo by Dawn Hartman.