The Local 913: Jack Swing


Gritty blues-rock guitar describes the aesthetic of the Pittsburgh band Jack Swing. However, their front-man Isaiah Ross’ roots lay in hip-hop.

“When I was 12 or 13, I started rapping. I wanted to start learning bass. The intention was to play on my own beats. Once I started learning, I realized rock and roll was calling me. It’s something about loud guitars and music sounding like it’s pushing and giving 150%. It’s a trait of the genre when it’s at its best and that really resonated with me.”

Members of the band have previously been in several other local bands that are firmly rooted in the DIY scene. Flyers and pictures of the band give off a punk and DIY approach. 

“That’s more so from our own personal roots in the DIY community. I was playing in punk bands for years before this. In terms of booking shows and stuff, it’s really all I know how to do in terms of who I know to reach out to. Though it’s not punk music, it’s very punk inspired but that’s a lot of our roots.”

More on Jack Swing is at their FaceBook page.