The Local 913: Hollyhood


Rapper Hollyhood chose her stage name with a clear intention. 

“I came up with Hollyhood because the name “Holly” makes you sound like a nice person or whatever. Then there’s “hood,” which has not necessarily a nice connotation. It represents the “multiple personalities” of my artist self.” 

Known as “The Mom” of the Pittsburgh hip-hop scene, Hollyhood is an activist with a very high education.

“I have two doctorates: a doctorate of science and information systems and communications. I also have an E.D.D., a doctorate of education in higher and post-secondary education. I have a voice that people listen to. I like to fight for the underdog and those people being oppressed.”

Her song “No Sleep Till Brooklyn,” comes from a personal experience, however it can be left open to interpretation. One thing to note, the song is not what you might think. 

“They think when it comes on, it’s gonna be a Beastie Boys remix or something. In my situation, if I had a daughter, her name would be Brooklyn, so that’s where I came up with that. I use the reference on purpose because I knew people would have an assumption, but then it would be not what they thought at all. But, that’s who Hollyhood is. You might think one thing, even just based on my appearance. Some people meet me and they’re like “You’re Hollyhood?!” and yeah, it’s me.”

More on Hollyhood at her Facebook. 

Photo by Dan Mason.