The Local 913: Essential Machine


Robert Dietrich has been playing in Essential Machine for 5 years now, which may not seem like that big of a deal until you consider the fact that he’s only 17 now. His interest in making music, though, was piqued even earlier, "In 4th grade, when you’re able to pick a band instrument," says Dietrich,  "I started playing flute and it grew from there."

Essential Machine is a very… homegrown effort. In fact, the other members of the band are Robert’s parents – Karen and RJ. Though they are a close family, of course everyone brings something different to the group. Dietrich says, "It’s an interesting crossroads, but I think that creates a more interesting dynamic of all three of us putting our different creative styles together."

Though most of the band’s lyrics come from Karen and RJ, the family used a different approach musically for their latest album, Wildfires, says Dietrich. "All of us were just jamming and we came across something cool. At that point, it really kind of evolves as we keep jamming on it and coming up with new parts."

Thematically, the new record has some dark moments and Dietrich agrees, "I feel like all of the songs have this really nihilistic, dystopian mood to them," he says. But don't worry. With the music of Essential Machine in our lives, it will all be okay.