The Local 913: Dan Getkin and The Twelve Six


For the last weeks of 2017, we’re revisiting our top local albums of the year. This week, we focus on Dan Getkin and The Twelve Six.

“Twelve six is a pitch; a baseball pitch that’s kind of a curve ball. I love baseball, so it was nice to draw it from a band name that we can also use baseball themes in our art. It comes with its own esthetic.”

The Pittsburgh alt-country band, Dan Getkin and The Twelve Six, started working on their latest and first album two years ago. Fronted by Mt. Lebanon native Dan Getkin (Dan: Yes. Mt. Lebanon, but don’t mention it. I’ll lose all my cool points.), the record is next level in terms of performance and writing. The energy and the naturalness of it is pretty uncanny especially on a debut album. 

Dan: I should credit everybody in the band. Jake Troxell, Bill Brandt, Eddan Sparks and Alex Herd. Alex did the recording, so he gets double points.Getkin’s interest in an alt-country sound was sparked in college It’s impossible for me to talk about the change I felt in my writing without mentioning Ryan Adams, who changed everything for me. This was a type of country music that I didn’t know existed. That was when I was in college and working in college radio. There are other things that I could pull from other than what I was listening to in high school. The coolest band in high school was Dispatch. Now all of a sudden there’s Wilco and Son Volt and Whiskeytown. That just gave me a lot more ideas for instrumentation to work with other than acoustic guitar.”

For more information on Dan Getkin and The Twelve Six, check out their website

Photo by Sara Lacroix Photo.