The Local 913: Brightside


Back in 2016, the indie rock band, Brightside decided to take an extended break due to different personal reasons concerning each band member. This past fall, the quartet started performing and recording once again. Frontman Matt Vituccio talks about how it feels to be back together

“It feels good. We’re used to the formula of how we write, so it’s been easier than it has in the past. We’re still pushing ourselves to write more innovative music, so it’s still a challenge. It’s always fun. It takes my mind off of other things that might get me down otherwise. It’s a positive force in my life, but it’s also work.”

Vituccio, a reserved and quiet person, is not your typical band leader. 

“Since it is artistic expression, I’m not afraid to be myself about it and be the loud frontman that I need to be. When I get on stage, I don’t have to interact one-on-one with anybody. I can say my peace and not have to talk over anybody, just do my thing and get out. The awkwardness carries over to the stage. I don’t look at anybody, I don’t look at the audience at all. 

Look out for a new record this summer, but in the meantime, you can check out new music at their BandCamp

Photo courtesy of Brightside.