The Local 913: Bindley Hardware Co.


Over the past several years, Jon Bindley has been uncovering a lot of history from his family’s Pittsburgh hardware business: Bindley Hardware Company. He applies his research efforts to enhance the experience of his rust belt roots band of the same name. Bindley Hardware Company just released their first album, “Ever Satisfactory,” which, yes, does have a connection to the family business.

“Ever Satisfactory was one of the terms that they used as their advertising pitch. “Bindley Hardware Company products are ever satisfactory.” The language is just, you know, they don’t write things the way they wrote them back then. I really appreciate that kind of thing. It’s sort of a lost art.”

Bindley, who had a few years long stint in Nashville, finds that being in his hometown allows him to explore his roots through songs. This is particularly true in the song “Don’t Go Down the Run,” referring to the small Pittsburgh neighborhood. 

“It was formerly called “Four Mile Run.” It’s a sub-neighborhood of Greenfield in the East End. It’s sort of a scrappy crick-meets-river kind of neighborhood with a lot of history in that a lot of folks lived there during the steely industry boom. It’s very isolated and sort of untouched. It’s very gritty and has kind of a cinematic quality to it. It’s a place, having a lot of family ties to Greenfield that I’ve always been aware of. Not to portray it in a negative way, but it’s a rough kind of real Pittsburgh place.”

More on Bindley Hardware Co. is at their website. 

Photo by Jake Reinhart, courtesy of Bindley Hardware, Co.