The Local 913: Best of 2018 townsppl

This week, learn about our #1 local release of the year!

Alex Stanton, who’s project is the Pittsburgh indie rock band townsppl, might have THE best first guitar story you’ve ever heard. 

“My mom used to work for Mr. Rogers, beloved television host. They did a music shop scene where Martin Guitars donated a bunch of guitars for the show in Joe Negri’s music shop. After the episode was filmed, they gave them to the cast and crew and my mom was part of the art department. She was like “I know you don’t play guitar, but I can get you this Martin Guitar.” I was like “I don’t know what that is, but okay!” I still have it; it’s probably my all-time favorite guitar. That’s what got me playing. I started writing songs not too long after that. Since I found it in ninth grade, it’s kind of all I ever wanted to do.”

townsppl’s compelling, playful and light hearted nature comes off very easily on their second album Twigs. Stanton has been hard at work not only on the new record, but in his music school located in Squirrel Hill. 

“Sunburst School of Music is my business that I started in 2011. It’s a music teaching studio, we do lessons and group programs for kids and adults. We do rock band programs, songwriting classes, we do summer camps, that kind of thing. Really the focus is on creativity, not just getting people to write songs and make records, but figure out who they are and what kind of music they wanna play. It’s going really well and it’s an exciting thing to be around. We have 20 teachers now and close to 400 students.”

For more on townsppl, visit their website.