The Local 913: Angela Autumn


Angela Autumn grew up in Zeilienople – North of Pittsburgh – and describes her music as “Cowgirl Folk and Sad Girl Blues.” "They are western-type songs but there’s also an indie element," says Autumn, "So there’s a combination of country, but also feelings and emotions."

Though, sometimes her songs feel a bit more literary. Autumn has a degree in English and sometimes finds her love of the classics creeping into her music. "I wrote a couple songs about poets and their lives and I used some of their poetry to write those songs," said Autumn, "So I definitely love incorporating the history of literature in my songs."

If you find the time to put down your books and take a walk around our beautiful city, you just may stumble upon Angela Autumn who is an avid busker who "looks to connect with people" while playing music on the street."

An ever-vigilant writer, Autumn has a knack for turning mundane situations into compelling songs like Rascal – a song born out of frustration with her roommates, saying, "I was really frustrated because they were all having a party. I went upstairs and Rascal came out. Rascal is a term for someone you care about but you’re frustrated with. It’s affectionate, but it’s also scathing."

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Photo by Zeno Gill