Tamiah Bridgett Zumba Guest DJ


Cindy Howes of the Morning Mix was recently joined by Zumba Fitness instructor, Tamiah Bridgett, to talk about the perfect Zumba playlist. Tamiah instructs a class every Wednesday night at 6 o’clock at the Union Project and has a lot of great music to offer the dancers which pair well with the dance moves. Zumba is a type of fitness workout that combines elements of aerobics and dance into an environment that can be summarized by it’s tagline- Ditch the workout and join the party!

Tamiah might warm up her class with the first song she showed us, “Senorita”, by Justin Timberlake. The song isn’t too fast but it definitely puts you in the mood to get your heart pumping and your adrenaline rushing. After J.T.’s song, we heard Celia Cruz’s song “La Vida es un Carnaval” off of her 1998 album Mi Vida es Cantar. In class, Tamiah likes to do a bit of Salsa to this classic tune to honor Celia Cruz and the influence she has made in the world of music and dance.

 We then heard a song that is a little bit less traditional, pulling in the hip-hop facet to the Zumba studio with some Salt N Peppa and their song “Push It.”  Tamiah was sent the remixed version of this song by the Zumba Instructors Network but decided to use the original version in class to really do the song justice. Switching paces again, we turn to Gloria Estefan and the classic song, “Conga” which makes a lot of Zumba students happy to hear.

 “There are different cross sections of age groups that come to the class. If you remember the 80’s and remember where you were when these songs were popular…even when I hear them it reminds me of being a young girl and loving to dance to these songs. “

 This playlist placement of this song really depends on the mix that she is playing that day. Tamiah tries “…to choose song selection very strategically because the way you play songs are also a part of a Zumba formula” creating the ultimate workout experience.

Tamiah finished off her Zumba Fitness set with the song “Techno Cumbia” by Selena and says that she will usually play this song within the first 30 minutes of class. In an hour long class the dancers will experience several points of high and low heart rates and this song is to help bring the heart rate down a bit before raising it more. Tamiah wants all of her students, present and future, to know that Zumba is really for everyone as long as you take it at your own pace.

“You have to listen to your body and know what feels good to you. I don’t encourage you to do everything like me, I encourage you to things the way you feel them in your body, organically. “

Tamiah Bridgett hosts a Zumba Fitness class every Wednesday night at the Union Project and you can check out their website for more information.


Check out Tamiah's Latin/Dance Fitness Playlist on Spotify:

Listen to Tamiah's Guest DJ spot on WYEP below.

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