Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog Guest DJ Set


Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog was gracious enough to do a Guest DJ set with Cindy before Dr. Dog’s show in Pittsburgh, and he picked some seriously cool tunes.

The first song on Scott’s set list is the Oblivians’ “Live the Life”.  “I feel like it’s better than a cup of coffee. I love the overall soul and spirit of the thing, as well as the lyric. I feel like the lyric is the best possible mantra a musician can hold on to.”

The second song Scott chose for his set was Cotton Jones’ “Somehow Keep it Going”.  “I love every single Cotton Jones song I’ve heard in equal measure to that one, but I figured that one’s kind of the hit. I cant imagine anyone wouldn’t like that song.” Dr. Dog did a tour with Cotton Jones, and Scott feels that Cotton Jones is one of the most underrated bands around these days.

The last song of McMicken’s playlist is Karen Dalton’s “Something’s On Your Mind”. Cindy is a fan of Karen Dalton’s, but somehow this song had escaped her. She was curious about how Scott discovered it, and he heard about her through the band. “Theres this weird little anomaly of an album called In My Time produced by Fred Neil…If the stories that I’ve heard are true, it’s pretty remarkable because apparently they kind of snuck this one her.” Scott told us that Neil asked her to come into the studio and had a band ready for her. She wasn’t aware of it, and was allegedly pretty annoyed, but still they cut the record in a day. He says he’s never heard someone with as sultry a voice as Karen Jones. “Her voice is smoked out like a jazz sax! I can’t get enough of it.”


Scott McMicken’s Guest DJ setlist: 

Oblivians – “Live the Life”

Cotton Jones – “Somehow Keep it Going”

Karen Dalton – “Something’s On Your Mind”

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