Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit Guest DJ


The latest from Frightened Rabbit, an EP called The Late March, Death March, dropped Tuesday, September 10th. Frightened Rabbit was recently in Pittsburgh, playing at the Thrival Innovation + Music Festival, and while they were here front man Scott Hutchison played a guest DJ set with Cindy Howes.

The first song Scott Hutchison picked for his DJ set was “Before Your Very Eyes…”, by Atoms For Peace.  Atoms For Peace is the side project of Thom Yorke, and their debut album Amok arrived this past February. Hutchison says the whole album is incredible, but this song is his favorite.

Coming up second was a song by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. “Jubilee Street”, off the album Push The Sky Away, is loved by Scott Huchison for being “a classic Bad Seeds song.” Scott noted that he particularly enjoys the brooding narrative that builds beautifully over the course of the six and a half minute song.

The last song of Scott Hutchison’s set is “Graceless” off of The National’s latest album, Trouble Will Find Me. Like “Jubilee Street”, Hutchison likes this one for the brooding narrative and build. He says he’s possibly overplayed this album for himself, but he still loves all the different elements building to a crescendo, invoking Joy Division and New Order. The “gospel ending” makes him feel incredible. Hutchison says this song helps cheer them up in their native Scotland.

The new EP, The Late March, Death March includes songs that just didn’t quite make it on Pedestrian Verse. Scott Huchison wrote “Candlelit” during the summer as he was getting more involved in watching Game of Thrones. He says men used to fight for something they loved, like women or family, and so the song has lots of violent undertones. Huchison states ,"It’s a song about how you shouldn’t wait around for something to come your way, you should go out and grab it.” Cindy then warned Scott to avoid people that have read the books and to avoid looking up Game of Thrones information on the web. Scott would love to be on the show, like Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol.

Pedestrian Verse, the name of their latest LP, references a lyric in the song State Hospital: “And in the limp three years of board schooling, she’s accustomed to hearing that she could never run far, a slipped disc in the spine of community, a bloody curse word made pedestrian verse.“ Pedestrian Verse was written on the front to Scott’s notebook. He says “also back home meaning boring or clichéd or dull. It’s like opening yourself up to easy criticism, so it was kind of a challenge, you know, a gauntlet thrown by myself to try to avoid lyrical cliché.”

Scott Hutchison’s DJ Set:

Atoms For Peace – Before Your Very Eyes…

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Jubilee Street

The National - Graceless

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