Robert Cray Interview


Robert Cray of The Robert Cray Band recently joined Morning Mix host Joey Spehar to talk about the band’s new album In My Soul which released April 1st. Cray is an American blues musician and this most recent record definitely shows it off. Robert tells us that the band didn’t set out with the intention to sound like their final product does, but after each member added their own ideas and material to the table, In My Soul became a “rockin’ soul record.”

Producer, Steve Jordan worked with The Robert Cray Band for the third time and had a great deal of influence on the sound of In My Soul. “The way he likes to record would be like if you’re using tape, which isn’t so affordable these days but we can almost approximate that sound,” says Cray. He also adds that Jordan’s vintage amps and microphones allow the music to have a warm sound.

Bassist of The Robert Cray Band, Richard Cousins wrote both “Hold On,” a tune that Joey says sounds exactly like something that would come out of 1970’s Philadelphia, and “Hip Tight Onions,” a tribute to Booker T. & the M.G.’s. “Hip Tight Onions” is the band’s first instrumental track and Cray exclaims what joy that band has performing the song.

“Richard didn’t think we would jump on the song, but it was one of the first ones that we did jump on. We’re all in the studio at the same time recording and Steve Jordan is producing, he’s in the room with us and he’s dancing to the groove we’re playing.”

Cray admits that he doesn’t practice his guitar for 12 hours a day, but Joey isn’t convinced because his guitar sounds amazing. In My Soul is out right now and you can check out the full interview below.

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