Mick Jagger 70th Birthday Tribute with Mike Sauter


WYEP celebrates Mick Jaggers 70th birthday as Mike Sauter joins Cindy Howes in a special tribute to The Rolling Stones' dynamic frontman.

Mick Jagger has become known for his eccentric live performances. “They obviously loom large over everything in rock and roll history.  In so many areas The Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger as the front man kind of created a template for almost everybody or at least a huge percentage of rock bands later followed.  When he performs live he’s just all over the place,” adds Mike.  Cindy and Mike continue their discussion about Mick Jagger’s stage presence by highlighting his 1985 Live 8 performance in which he performed with Tina Turner.

Mick Jagger is nearly ageless when it comes to his live performances.  To this day, he is renowned for his stage presence.   Mike also shares the story of how Mick Jagger became fascinated with Michael Jackson around the time Thriller was released.  While trying to keep tabs on Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger actually ended up collaborating with him. 

Mick Jagger is not just a great live performer; he was a creative force in the Rolling Stones songwriting and the brains behind the band. “Later on when things started to fracture and there were a lot of personal changes in the band and things started to go their separate ways. Mick was a really good business person, he had a sharp mind for how the band should make their money and things should go that way,” explains Mike.  Mick Jagger actually started the trend for rock band’s having tours with corporate sponsors which has become commonplace over the years.

It doesn’t appear that turning 70 has slowed down Mick Jagger at all.  He continues to tour the world, appear on TV, and make us all smile with his signature moves and singing.


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