Marshall Crenshaw on The Morning Mix


Marshall Crenshaw has recently released a new EP called I Don’t See You Laughing Now, and has a new one planned for release on Record Store Day. His latest project is a subscription project that will have him producing a series of three song 10” vinyl EPs. Cindy wondered what his inspiration was for this idea. “It was a combination of other people’s ideas, actually. I remembered something I read about Sam Phillips, you know, the singer/songwriter, that said she had some sort of subscription thing she was doing. And I read another interview that I read with Jack White where he was talking about the beauty of vinyl records and the value of having a  tangible object of art in your hand, and I thought ‘Jack’s right, I like vinyl records too.’ So I took Sam’s idea and Jack’s idea and made it my idea.” Each record has an original A side, and each B side has two tracks. One is always a cover song, and the second track is a remake or a new interesting version of an older Marshall Crenshaw song.

Additionally, Marshall Crenshaw does a radio show on WFUV in New York. Cindy asked if he had done a radio show before, but Crenshaw said he hadn’t, other than being a guest on other people’s shows. One show he was a guest on was on the Steve Earl Show on Air America. He would have musicians or authors on the show, and guests would bring records they liked, and they would talk about them. “I did his show and I just realized that I always loved doing that. So the show that I do is a weekly roundup of records from my personal record collection.”

The new song, “Driving and Dreaming” was part of an album that Crenshaw mixed himself. “This time around I did everything myself because I spent too much money on the second one, so I had to do it all myself on the third.” He wrote this autobiographical song with Dan Byrne, and Marshall thinks it’s a good road song.

The new EP comes out on November 29. Be sure to pick it up and burn a mix for your car’s stereo!

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