Marissa Nadler on The Morning Mix


Boston-based singer Marissa Nadler released her sixth studio album this year, entitled July and also recently released a 7’ inch split with American folk singer-songwriter Father John Misty. Nadler talks to Cindy Howes on The Morning Mix.

Nadler has been compared to artists like Joni Mitchell and Mazzy Star, and it turns out these were the kinds of artists she was inspired by but takes after Mitchell’s patterns even moreso than musically. Nadler, like Joni Mitchell, is a painter and went to Rhode Island School of Design for painting. “If you’re an artistic person or an artist, it can cross many different media,” she says. “That’s affected the way I write song lyrics.”

Randall Dunn, best known for working with metal bands, produced Nadler’s newest album, and Nadler says she thinks her music was thrown in the same community because it was pretty goth, with titles like Ballads of Living and Dying.” “Black metal has a lot of overlap with acoustic music,” she says. “A lot of black metal is just very ambient, beautiful music.”

The new 7’ split with Father John Misty will feature him and Nadler covering each other’s songs. Nadler covers “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” and Misty covers Nadler’s song “Drive” which she says she hasn’t heard yet and is waiting to hear it on vinyl.

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