Lyle Lovett on The Morning Mix


While he was in town for a show at the Carnegie Music Hall, Lyle Lovett talked to Morning Mix host Cindy Howes about his farm, the influence of The Church in his music, Texas and more. Lovett describes where he lives by saying, "I live on what I was able to buy back from my Grandfather's farm place. I'm really proud to be able to hold onto it... I spent almost every day after school at my grandparent's farm". On the topic of working with the late director Robert Altman, he exclaimed, "You have teachers in life that make you feel like you can do something, you can get what they're talking about and learn what you're supposed to learn and then you can take that knowledge and make something of it. That was the sort of confidence that Altman gave everybody on the set". When asked about the influence of The Church, Lovett explains "My music is secular, but I don't mean it to be Godless. The church is a big influence... The singing was a tremendous influence on me. I always looked forward to learning a new hymn and choir practice". He also went on to talk about his interest in motorcycles, the myth and lure of Texas and the time he hung out with Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

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