Local 913, Episode 93: Dave Hanner


Until recently, Dave Hanner, the very accomplished musician, producer, songwriter and performer, had not released a solo album. His endeavors were usually well connected with his musical partner, Bob Corbin.

“We have been playing together professionally since I was 20, Bob Corbin and I. After all these years, Bob decided he wanted to retire and move to Ecuador. To tell you the truth, even though we made ten albums together, it seemed like I was not writing and recording enough.  I had slacked off in my writing. I picked it back up and finally recorded a solo album.”

Although Corbin does a guest appearance on Hanner’s new album Where Are You Now, there is talk of working on some unreleased material from their bands Gravel and Corbin/Hanner. Over the years, Hanner has had numerous hit songs recorded by people like Glen Campbell, Lee Ann Womack and even Bonnie Prince Billy. After nearly 5 decades in the music business, Dave is able to reflect on what he’s enjoyed the most in his career:

“Oh boy! We’ve had so much fun playing all these years. We were all good buddies in the Corbin/Hanner band. That was so much fun. The single most jolt of satisfaction can from writing. Something would click and you’d just go ‘Aw yeah! That’s working!’ Lots of times, I’ve noticed when I’ve finished something I’d think to myself that it ought to be really good for someone. But then, they never like it. When I write something that really means something to me, then that's the stuff that’s been picked up.”


For more on Dave Hanner, visit DaveHannermusic.com.

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