Live & Direct with Walk Off The Earth


Walk Off the Earth visited WYEP to talk to Joey Spehar. They come all the way from Canada to play some original songs and even a cool cover song. They began playing in Burlington, Ontario in 2006 and gained notoriety online with low budget music videos. Their entire fan base was self generated without any help from record labels until recently, and we at WYEP were happy to give them a stage.

Walk Off the Earth have a new album out called REVO, which is an acronym for Realize Every Victory Outright, which the band considers their motto. “We want it to be our fans mottos too, for their life. Its not just about music, its about everything, realizing your goals and just going for it. For me, its about taking the naysayers and the negativity and using it as fuel to prove everyone wrong.” The first song the band played is “Red Hands”, which the band says is about taking responsibility for your actions, in a very positive way.

“This album marks the first time you’ve worked together as a band for an entire album,” Joey commented. Although members of the band had worked together to compose songs and perform, they acknowledged that this was a unique experience for them. “We hadn’t sat down and written an album with Sarah before, so last January was the first time we got to do that, as well with Joel and Taylor. We’re pretty happy with how REVO turned out.”

Walk Off The Earth just recently signed to a major record label. “We had a lot of choices when that whole thing was happening with us, for a lot of different labels, and we knew Columbia were the one label that was like, ‘we want you guys to keep doing what you’re doing.  We’re going to help on the radio side and help you get to other countries, but you guys got this so keep going.’” It wasn’t only the label that’s helped them reach a broader audience, though. The band uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube extensively, but there are some lines they won’t cross. “I won’t do shower Instagrams or anything like that. There are two routes you can go in having a rock band. You kinda go for that mysterious “I don’t tell people anything” or you can be one with your fans.”

“We really love doing our own interpretations of awesome songs.” Walk Off The Earth has an extensive catalogue covers. Their cover of “Somebody I Used to Know” has over 151 million views on YouTube, and they have several others that bring the view count even higher. Just because they cover other artist’s songs doesn’t mean their not creative though. Their instrumentation is very unique. From metal salad bowl cymbals and gutbucket basses and brooms, they find odd and interesting ways to make the sounds they like. “What I really like is when we show up and we’ve forgotten something. The crew has forgotten to bring some kind of instrument. So then Johnny just creates it. We were doing this show up in the north of Canada, and we forgot a shaker. So we went to the 7-11 and Johnny grabbed two packs of Tic-Tacs.”

Listen to the whole interview and hear the title track of their album REVO, as well as a choice cover from this summer!


Set List:

1) Red Hands

2) Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover)


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