Live & Direct with The Lone Bellow


The Lone Bellow performed Live & Direct at WYEP on July 13, 2018. The Americana trio talked to Rosemary Welsch about moving from New York City to Nashville.

Zach Williams: "All the super wealthy people moved in! All the cars changed from Subarus to... Mariachis or whatever they're called..." 
Kanene Pipkin: "Mariachis! It's maseratis! (laughs)"

Williams was thinking of moving to Nashville, so he could spend more time at home with his family. He sat down with an industry veteran who mapped out how much more time he could spend at home if he made the move. He had a hard time arguing with the facts: "I love Brooklyn. I love New York. I love the North East, but this might be a moment in my life where I need to set that aside and be home with my family as much as possible. We all talked about it and all came to the same conclusion."

The band also also talked about the new album, Walk Into a Storm, which they made with producer Dave Cobb and the evolution of their songwriting. 

1. "Feather"
2. "Come Break My Heart Again"
3. "Between The Lines"
4. "Watch Over Us"

Photo by Jack Fordyce