Live & Direct with The Clarks


The Clarks perform at the WYEP Studios on July 10th, 2014.

Talking to WYEP's Mike Sauter, The Clarks perform songs from their new album Feathers & Bones during this exclusive WYEP Live & Direct Session. Their ninth studio album is a change of pace from the band's previous albums, being more edgy and uptempo. The band talks about the transition and their fans' desire to hear older songs.

The Clarks also talk about using the public radio fund raising model and staying with music oriented premium gifts. They also talk about keeping up with the growing social media presence and how they maintain contact with their fans. A Pittsburgh region band with big success, The Clarks showcase a cross section of their new album Feathers & Bones in this exclusive WYEP Live & Direct Session on July 10th, 2014.

Set List

- Take Care of You

- Feathers & Bones

- Map of the Stars

- Nothing But You

Synopsis by Evan Schmitt, WYEP Contributor