Live & Direct with Night Beds


Night Beds in the WYEP Studios on June 19, 2013.

Before headlining a show at Brillobox on June 19, 2013, Night Beds made an appearance in the WYEP Studios. The four-piece band, lead by front man-guitarist Winston Yellen, talked to WYEP’s Rosemary Welsh about their debut album Country Sleep. Although tired from having to wake up and drive into town at 5 am, the band appeared good natured and happy to play through their alt-country hit “Ramona,” with plenty of lap guitar and reverb.

            In addition, the band played the non-album track “Head for the Hills,” and Yellen told Welsh about the process of determining which songs made it to the final record. The 23-year-old Colorado Springs native talked about learning to play music at the age of 17, and how the songs on the album reflect his life and experiences as a young man. He also discussed the musical influence of Fleetwood Mac’s live album The Dance.

Set List:

1. Ramona

2. Was I for You

3. Head for the Hills

4. 22