Live & Direct with Mike Doughty


WYEP welcomes Mike Doughty, who was playing the Altar Bar with Low. His first song was a cover of the popular John Denver song Country Roads. “I learned this from my girlfriend, who’s from West Virginia, and amazingly did not mess it up.” That track can be found on his “newish” album The Flip Is Another Honey, which is predominantly cover songs. “There are plenty of songs that I play that are just for fun that sound awful, but these are the ones that sound good.” Mike did some dancing in the music video for Country Roads, which was put together by Meg Skaff. “Believe it or not, that incredible dancing was improvised!”

Mike is a prolific tweeter, and his connection to fans that way has influenced his music. His tour with Low was actually inspired by a fan that tweeted, “Whens @Mike_Doughty_ gonna tour with @Lowtheband?” He responded, “I’ll go tomorrow!” And shortly thereafter, the tour was born.

Mike Doughty wrote a book called The Book of Drugs. “It’s one of those terrible books where a person does a bunch of drugs and then stops. But, the idea is that it would be devoid of badassery. I’m sort of like Buster Keaton as a junkie.” The funniest story, according to Doughty, is way too profane to tell on air, so you’ll just have to go pick up the book and read it yourself. 

Soul Coughing, Mike Doughty’s old band, and Mike don’t exactly have the healthiest relationship, and a large part of his book is about that. After going on his book tour, he decided that he wanted to rework a bunch of his Soul Coughing songs to find a better vibe with them since he didn’t like them when they were originally released. The album came out in September, so pick it up. It’s called Circles, Super Bon Bon, and The Very Best of Soul Coughing.

Listen to the whole interview to hear more about crowdfunding and the exceptionally unique and occasionally artistic rewards for donating.

Mike Doughty’s Set List:

1) Country Roads

2) Twenty-Seven Jennifers

3) Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well

4) Na Na Nothing