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Lucius recently joined WYEP Morning Mix host, Cindy Howes, for a live and direct session, playing music from their most recent album, Wildewoman, off of Mom+Pop Records. This sixties girl group was formed when Jess and Holly, lead singers, met at Berklee College of Music in Boston. The two connected quickly after knowing each other only through a mutual friend and started experimenting with music right away.

“We got to talking about musical influences and things like that, and just connected really well and decided “Oh, maybe we should just do a project together, do a show together for fun and it just went from there.””

The two say that neither of them could have been as successful of musicians alone.  Being able to bounce an idea off of someone who is on the same artistic level as you is something the girls are truly comforted by. Most of Wildewoman was recorded in the studio of Holly, and Danny, the drummer of Lucius and another former Berklee student.

“We recorded the album before we were a band. It was just Holly and I, and Danny experimenting. We had a bunch of people in the community come on board and help us lay ideas down. We met Pete (guitarist) that way… And about a year later Andy (guitarist/drummer) came on board…”

The title of their album, Wildewomen is an offspring  of a name Holly’s mom used to call her, which was “Wildebeast” or, “Wildegirl” because she was a rambunctious little one that was a bit hard to keep track of.

“We were working on the song before it was the record title and we were kind of talking about those out-there kids, being creative, and when you grow up do you become a wildewoman? Well yeah, sure. I think we did and so we named the record after that.”

When Lucius was in town they played at The Underground at CMU. For more information on the band you can check out their website.


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