Live & Direct with Langhorne Slim & The Law


Originally from Eastern Pennsylvania, Sean Scolnick known onstage as Langhorne Slim, performed in front of a live studio audience along with his road-tested band of rowdy players. Along with sharing his excellent and lively songs, Scolnick spoke of why he chose to name himself after his hometown (Langhorne, PA): "Well, I left when I was 18 for New York. And while, "Sean Scolnick" is a hip name, at the time, I was into early blues. Those guys would take the places that they were from and tack the name "slim" whether they were skinny and obsese, so I thought it would work no matter what. I started playing the open mics in New York and the name just kind of stuck." Check out the full interview and performance below


1. The Way We Move

2. Bad Luck

3. Salvation

4. Past Lives