Live & Direct with Ivan & Alyosha


Ivan & Alyosha in the WYEP Studios on April 23, 2013. Hosted by Cindy Howes.

According to frontman Tim Wilson, the name Ivan & Alyosha came from a friend of theirs, "We got the name from our buddy Eli Thompson, who produced our first record. We were looking for a good band name and he said 'Ivan & Alyosha'. He's a big Brothers Karamazov fan, which is a Fyodor Dostoevsky book that these two characters (Ivan & Alyosha) come from. They have this moment in the book that is called 'The Grand Inquisitor' where basically the name comes from. They are two brothers, one is a monk and one is an Atheist and they have some interesting dialog". When it comes to people being confused by the name, Wilson says his favorite was "that it sounded like a Russian figure skating duo".

The band includes Tim Wilson and also his brother Phil. The brothers talked about their older sibling (Matt who was not there that day). Tim says, "Matt was the one listening to Megadeth and Metallica, all the stuff we were hiding from our folks who were trying to get us to listen to the Gaither Vocal Band, you know, Southern Gospel Pentacostal stuff". Phil added that he remembered when their older brother got the Blue album (Weezer) "We would just sit in his room and listening to the album on repeat". Tim also spoke of their father, "He's a lawyer by day, but we grew up going to weddings, funerals and whatever he was singing at in the choir. I shouldn't say that they were trying to make us just listen to the Southern gospel stuff. He was the one bringing home Elvis records, Harry Belafonte, Stevie Wonder and a lot of the stuff he grew up on. When we started bringing Sir Mix-A-Lot home they were like 'Uh-uh, listen to this!'. There was always music in the house and they never told us not to do this".

There is a big family vibe in Ivan & Alyosha, it was named after two brothers, it includes two actual brothers and the band sometimes brings family members on the road with them. Tim adds, "It's important to have people on the road that you love and respect and give space and all that good stuff". When talking about bringing his three year old on the road, he says "A lot of times he doesn't get to come into the club because it's 21+. We'll hide him in the green room, he's slept in green rooms. It's insane, but what else are we gonna do? It makes life very interesting".

Aimee Mann makes an appearance on their latest album All the Times We Had. After doing a couple of tours with Aimee and her band, Tim said, "She said yes after we had struck up a relationship with her on the road. She did an amazing job and she continues to be a big supporter of the band". Listen to more of the interview and performance below.

Set List: 

- On My Way

- The Fold

- Easy to Love

- Be Your Man