Live & Direct with Glen Hansard


Glen Hansard is an Irish singer-songwriter and actor, and has also won an Academy Award for Best Original Song.  He dropped by the WYEP studios for a Live and Direct Session with midday host Mike Sauter.

The two discuss Celtic soul and the Irish traditions of writing a song that will withstand the test of time.  Hansard explains Celtic soul, “In that part of the world [Ireland] there is definitely a kind of belief that the song is more important than the singer.  So all you’re ever trying to do is do the song justice.”  Hansard is known for his work in The Frames and The Swell Season as well as a musical career that dates back to 1983.  However Hansard has recently ventured out and released his first solo record, Rhythm and Repose.  Mike Sauter and Glen Hansard discuss how Rhythm and Repose came about.  Tune in to Glen Hanard’s Live and Direct to hear some great music, learn about the tradition of Celtic soul, and writing process as well as much more!