Live & Direct with Fanfarlo


Fanfarlo, an orchestral indie-pop band joined Kyle Smith and WYEP members for a Live and Direct Session on Saturday, April 12th. Fanfarlo recently released their third full length studio album, Let’s Go Extinct and wouldn’t technically describe it as a concept album but the band admits they focus on themes with a fresh perspective.

The first song we hear from Fanfarlo, “We’re The Future” gives a look at how we as humans are evolving. “That song plays with the idea that maybe we’ll mutate, rather than as an individual we’ll be a double being and be lonely no more,” says Simon Balthazar, lead vocalist of Fanfarlo. Kyle noticed that Let’s Go Extinct deals with the concept of existence and one’s relationship with the world when Simon explains that these topics of discussion are things that exist in normal conversation and in everyday life, so why not turn it into pop music?

“Life In The Sky” kicks off Let’s Go Extinct with droney, embryonic vocals and synth, and sets the stage for the rest of the album. “The starting point is often what’s called the theory of panspermia which is the idea that maybe life actually arrived on to planet Earth from an asteroid. So the song is about having a distant genetic memory of that and then seeing asteroids in the sky and kind of thinking, maybe that’s where we came from.”

Farfarlo continues to play “Cell Song” and “Landlocked” on the WYEP Live and Direct Session. Simon tells us that “Landlocked” is about the struggle that people who aim to be individuals face when individuality is inherently lonely. “ “Landlocked” refers to this sense of being trapped inside your own head. It’s something that can be overcome I think,” Simon tells us.

The entirety of Let’s Go Extinct was recorded in a small, empty house on the countryside of Wales where Fanfarlo essentially cut themselves off from the rest of the world. Simon tells us that the record didn’t require too much searching and finding because the ideas flew in so intuitively. “In the UK, certainly, there’s too much strategy in music. So this felt good. It was liberating.”

The final song Fanfarlo played for their WYEP audience is the title track from the album “Let’s Go Extinct.” Their third studio album is out now and the whole Live and Direct Session with Fanfarlo can be heard below.

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