Live & Direct with Dr. Dog



Dr. Dog visited the WYEP studios to talk about their new album B-Room. Joey got to talk to them in front of some WYEP members, and they played a few songs.


Joey first asked if the band would tell us why the album ended up getting called B-Room. They told Joey that they built a brand new recording studio to make the album in. While the studio was beautiful and high tech, they ended up recording most of the album in this “wretched” room in the back, which was called the B-Room. And that’s how the album got its name!


The album has a different sound than Dr. Dog’s older catalogue,  and the was a difference in the writing process that caused it. “The writing process was definitely more collaborative. Toby and I usually come in with songs that are typically pretty fleshed out, and in this case we sort of left that door open. We just played a lot and hung out together and wrote a lot together. I think the album reflects that.” Joey complimented the sound of the album, telling Dr. Dog that they seem to have nearly captured the live sound on a studio album.


The merch on Dr. Dog’s website is “beautiful”, according to Joey. Not only to they sell merch on their website, but they also have an Etsy page. “Pretty much everyone contributes to it. People love it and it’s fun,” Toby said. “People get pretty presumptuous though, I will say that. People think they can tell us exactly what they want us to make. Can’t make a blue large sweatshirt for Bob in Des Moines today.” Dr. Dog even has a beer with their name on it. Flying Dog is selling 6 packs that come with a 7” flexi-disc record of Dr. Dog’s single “Distant Light”. Toby seemed a bit peeved that the artist for the Flying Dog labels, Ralph Steadman, would not draw for the band. “Steadman does not draw for Dr. Dog, apparently,” Toby said. 


They are also involved in something called the Impossible Project, and information on that contest and the sweet polaroid prize can be found on their website.


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