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Black Joe Lewis recently joined Morning Mix host Joey Spehar and WYEP Members in a Live and Direct Session to talk about and play a few songs off of their new album Electric Slave. After switching record labels and dropping The Honeybears title of former Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, the band comes with a different sound.

Joey pointed out that he was disappointed not to see the band on upcoming music festival lineups, like Bonnaroo, when Lewis pointed out they haven’t really been into the music festival scene lately. The title Electric Slave serves as a criticism to today’s society and the obsession people have with their electrical devices. As much as Joe Lewis doesn’t mind being photographed, he can’t stand watching a performance from a crowd and seeing endless bright screens in his line of vision. A sentiment many can relate to.

Black Joe Lewis treats every show like a performance as if he were an actor. Behind the scenes he is generally soft spoken but once he steps on stage and straps on a guitar, all reservations go out the window.

“I’ve got to be crazy sometimes. It’s like you’re an actor. When you’re performing you put on a show because you want people to be entertained. It’s a good release, too. You don’t really think about what else is going on, you’re just having a great time, trying to put on a great show.”

Since switching labels, Black Joe Lewis has finally been able to really put out the kind of music that they want, and not what the former label wanted them to put out. Lewis expands on this statement saying that there were some problems of false marketing when fans would attend their shows expecting one thing and receiving something else. Now the band is in full control of the kind of music they play.

The songs on Electric Slave are wide ranging from songs about hipsters who take their parent’s money, to a song about a Jewish folklore anthropomorphic being named Golem. Black Joe Lewis played at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh and continues their Electric Slave tour. For more information on the band, check out their website.


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