Laura Veirs Guest DJ on The Morning Mix


Laura Veirs plays Guest DJ on The Morning Mix with Cindy Howes.

Laura Veirs has studied geology and Chinese so it is safe to say she is an intellectual, educated person and recently she has been adding to her wealth her of knowledge by learning to read music. Veris’s first pick as guest DJ “Dot” by Chilly Gonzalez is actually one of the first songs she has been learning, “it kind of reminds me of a French movie soundtrack, and it’s difficult for me…I just think it’s an important fun thing for me to do”. Veris’s second Guest DJ pick is Yesways’s “Howlin’Face” Veris personally knows Yesway from the music scene in the bay area and has actually had perform in her own home. Veirs describes the female duo as having an unusual but beautiful harmonic sound, “they’re starting out…they’re like these secret gems that I hope can find their way because the music business is so hard right now and so hard for musicians to make a living I just hope they can cut through”.

For her final guest DJ pick “Borderline” by the young Brit King Krule whom she saw perform and was astonished by both his deep voice and his energetic stage presence, “I’m forty I feel like such a geezer, but when I saw him play I thought that’s youth, that’s energy, that’s music and I felt excited to play music when I saw him play”. Cindy and Veirs also discuss her newest album Warp and Weft as well her connection to Niko Case, “we struck up a friendship, I was so honored that she would sing on my record because we were new friends at that point, and she’s just a really deep artist…such a powerful singer with such a deep old soul voice like a really classic big voice and you don’t hear that very often. She is also a really sweet and really funny person”. Veirs is currently working on a lot of writing when not caring for her two young children as well as continuing to learn read music which she says has been adding to her song writing skills.

Laura's song picks:
1. Chilly Gonzalez "Dot"
2. Yesway "Howlin' Face"
3. King Krule "Borderline"

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