KT Tunstall on The Morning Mix


KT Tunstall talks to Cindy Howes about her new album, Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon.

On her latest album, Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon, KT Tunstall changed up her vocal approach.  On tracks like “No Better Shoulder,” Tunstall expands her vocal range to the lowest it’s ever been.  When asked about how she attacked the vocals on Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon she explained, “This is my vocal album.  It’s really the first time I’ve approached a record deciding that the vocals are going to be the main star of the show.  There were a few factors that really led me to have faith in my voice.  Support from good friends and letting me know I should really showcase my voice.”  Tunstall also modestly explained how she cannot listen to her own voice on record and appreciate it the same way a fan would, “When I listen to other female singers I really enjoy, Patti Smith, Leslie Feist, Cat Power's voice I love, and Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I listen to these women and I can hear their voice.  It’s weird listening to your own voice cause somehow you can’t really hear it.  I can’t hear my voice the way you would hear it or my friends would hear it.  It’s a little bit like that thing where you don’t like the sound of your own voice on a tape recording or something.  With this record it was really looking at the possibilities and the options I had.”

KT Tunstall has had some recent tragedy in her life including the passing of her father and divorcing her husband.  A lot of the emotion and feelings Tunstall felt during these rough times in her life have been translated into the album Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon.  Tunstall noted how her most recent album was actually one of the easiest albums for her to write, “It was really easy, the songs just fell out,” she adds.

Cindy and Tunstall discuss the “voodoo” that accompanies her song-writing process.  “Song-writing can be quite an alchemical thing, where often you’ll write a song with no idea what it’s about and you find out a few weeks later.  It’s almost like your subconscious is way ahead of your conscious mind and more aware of the things happening in your life and what they may have than your waking conscious brain is never aware of,” explains Tunstall.  Tunstall notes the track “Invisible Empire” as an example, a track that originally was about a small life fixation turned into a microcosm of her life at that point.  Her new album Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon is out now on Virgin/EMI Records.


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