Ketch from Old Crow Medicine Show Guest DJ Set



Old Crow Medicine Show will be in town with the Avett Brothers at the Peterson Event Center this weekend and in anticipation for the show, Morning Mix host Joey Spehar welcomed Ketch Secor to the show to perform a guest DJ set.

As Ketch was driving toward Pittsburgh from West Virginia and he was crossing the Monongahela River he wanted to hear some Bob Dylan, specifically “Jokerman” from the 1983 album Infidels, which he started his set off with.  

Directly following Dylan we transitioned into “Tzena,Tzena,Tzena” a tune by American folk quartet The Weavers. Secor loves the sound of a bullwhip, especially hearing one over the Pittsburgh skyline. He hasn’t been back to Pittsburgh in a while but really enjoys the multitude of ethnic groups and breweries we have to offer.

The third song that Ketch leaves us with on his guest DJ set is something listeners may not have expected to hear from Old Crow Medicine Show fiddle player, Public Enemy’s “911 is a Joke.” A song he first heard at 11 years old on the playground with a jam box. Back on the monkeybars you didn’t want to hear anything but Public Enemy, says Secor, “We listened to public enemy even though we were young, white children in overalls kicking our deflated basketballs up and down the asphalt tarmac.”

A new Old Crow Medicine Show album will be released on July 1st this year and Secor assures Joey and WYEP listeners that this record will resonate with anyone from Pittsburgh, no matter which town or area around the Greater Pittsburgh area you reside. “These songs are guaranteed to cut to the heart of a cool town, and to your dark steel town soul.”  

Ketch Secor's Guest DJ Set:

Bob Dylan - Jokerman
The Weavers - Tzena Tzena
Public Enemy - 911 Is A Joke

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