Josiah Johnson from The Head and The Heart on The Morning Mix


Cindy Howes got a chance to talk to Josiah Johnson from The Head and the Heart about their new album, Let’s Be Still.

Let’s Be Still marks a slight departure from their first record by rocking harder and being a bit more pop. “Last time when we were recording it, the idea was to get this demo done so we could give it to venues around Seattle to so that we could play shows,” Josiah said. “We ended up being really happy with the songs, but never expected it to have the reach that it did. So this record sounds a lot more like the music that we listen to.”

Band member Charity Rose is featured a bit more prominently on this record. She has really fleshed out her voice and her songwriting ability. “She wasn’t considered a songwriter [for the first album] just because she hadn’t offered that as a thing. Then she kind of came into her own singing those parts, and everyone was blown away, and audiences obviously are really drawn to her on stage.” Audiences demanded more from her, and John and Josiah had nothing against her writing material for the band. “We’d say ‘We would love it if she wrote some songs, and if they’re good we’ll put them on the album.’ And so I think she stepped up to that and wrote a couple great songs.”

Many of the songs were written in acoustic fashion while The Head and the Heart were on tour. Cindy asked if there was a difference between how they wrote the songs while at home versus how they wrote on the road. “It’s really difficult to insulate your brain enough to have the quiet you need to get at to do songwriting,” Josiah admitted. “I have a really hard time writing while touring. I think John writes while touring because he’s never really adapted to being on the road. I don’t think this is entirely true, but I feel like he, out of everyone in the band, would rather tour half as much as we do and just be at home writing.”

The band met through open mics in Seattle. They sometimes go to open mics to try out new songs sometimes. They don’t go every week like they used to, but still every once in a while.

The new album is called Let’s Be Still, and it’s available now. Definitely check it out.

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