John Carter Cash on The Morning Mix


Midday Mix host Mike Sauter was recently joined by John Carter Cash to speak about Johnny Cash’s rediscovered, previously unreleased album. Out Among the Stars was produced in 1984 when Cash was signed with Columbia Records but the record was stored in Cash’s archived collection. It wasn’t until recently that his son, John Carter Cash, stumbled upon this album and decided to release it on Legacy Recordings.

John tells us that in 1984, country music was headed in a different direction than where it previously was and Columbia records did not foresee the popularity and success of Johnny Cash. For this reason Out Among the Stars was never released despite the quality of production that producer Billy Sherrill put into it.

Cash expresses that at the time in his father’s life that Out Among the Stars was being recorded, Johnny was in the prime of his life both physically and spiritually. Prior to this album, Cash went through some struggles in rehab where he wrote the final song on Out Among the Stars, “I Came To Believe.”

“It begs the listener to open up to my father’s spiritual view at the time. No matter what was going on business-wise or in his career, he was in a spiritual prime. He was working and playing and singing on the road all the time so when we listen to this record we’re hearing Johnny Cash sounding as good as he ever sounded and as good as he ever would for the rest of his life.”

John Carter Cash admits that the process of discovering and releasing this record was a positive emotional experience, for he had more time to spend with his father. It brought John back to the time in 1984 when he and his father were particularly close. As a boy he remembers when the duet with Waylon Jennings, “I’m Moving On” was recorded and when his mother was featured on “Baby Ride Easy.”

There are plenty of other unreleased Johnny Cash material that John Carter explains he won’t release for the sake of releasing another Johnny Cash record. “It’s got to make sense. It’s got to say something that hasn’t been said or if it has been said before, perhaps in a different way. For instance, there are other live recordings but it’s hard to beat those two prison records.”

Out Among the Stars was released March 25th and the full interview with John Carter Cash can be heard below.

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