Jocie Adams of Arc Iris


Jocie Adams of Arc Iris recently joined Cindy Howes of the Morning Mix to talk about Arc Iris’ new self-titled album. Adams is a former member of the folk band, Low Anthem, in which she was a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist for the group. Since leaving Low Anthem and starting Arc Iris, Jocie has received more musical freedom and she can find new portions of herself.

Critics and fans describe Arc Iris’ style and musical performance as a kind of modern Cabaret act, but Jocie thinks it’s more influenced by classical music. “Classical music is very dramatic. I studied classical music, therefore, some element of dramaticism is translated onto our music,” says Adams as she tells us about her classical composition training at Brown and her focus on clarinet in high school.

Although Adams is particular to clarinet, her favorite instrument on Arc Iris is definitely the cat purring that appears in “Singing So Sweetly.” “Those are my cats!” Jocie brags, as says that the idea to add purring began as a joke that became very real. Luckily, the sound of her cats biting the microphone due to overstimulation didn’t translate to the album.

Jocie Adams spent some time dabbling in rocket science for NASA but she doesn’t like to talk about it, but admits it probably affected how she sees music now. “Most people that worked at NASA also did music. I think the two are very interrelated in terms of building your brain. You do math and you do science, you’re working on some portion of your mind that is related to music in some way that is intangible.”

When asked to explain a live performance by Arc Iris, Jocie tells Cindy that fans can expect to be challenged, but the whole experience will be exciting. Pittsburgh fans are able to see Jocie Adams in her gold leotard with the rest of Arc Iris at the Pittsburgh Winery on April 11th.

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