James Hunter Guest DJs on The Morning Mix


UK soul singer James Hunter Guest DJs on The Morning Mix with Cindy Howes. Hunter released his latest album “Minute by Minute” last year with the James Hunter Six.

When he was just a young boy, making tea while working on the railway, Hunter heard “Hello Stranger” by Barbara Lewis on the radio, and he made a silent vow in that moment that “if anyone came in and started talkin’ [while the song was playing], I was gonna kill them.”

A lot of people can’t manage being “heartfelt and clever” at the same time, but Smokey Robison (and the Miracles) has pretty good luck making it work. “He’s got a certain sweetness as a writer that eludes me. I’m more as able to put plenty of salt, a load of vinegar on it, but I could never really match his sweetness.”

Hunter ends his set with Lou Johnson’s “It Ain’t No Use,” a song he says “completely froze” him when he first heard it. Lou Johnson never really had any hits like, for example, Dusty Springfield, yet he did a load of great work. “For some reason he never really had a hit with it, just pot luck really.”

Once people hit a certain musical point, it’s strange to think of yourself as a “mentor” to other musicians, but Hunter says he’s tickled by being addressed as such


“Hello Stranger” – Barbara Lewis

“Whatever Makes You Happy” – The Miracles

“It Ain’t No Use” – Lou Johnson

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