J Roddy Walston Guest DJs on The Morning Mix


J Roddy Walston of J Roddy Walston and The Business, guest DJs on The Morning Mix with Cindy Howes. 

J Roddy Walston’s first pick is a song called “Circles” by the artist Pujol. Walston has toured with Pujol and considers him to be an innovator in the world of rock, “he is one of the smarter dudes making rock right now, and there is a big lack of people approaching rock and roll in an artistic way”.  Walston describes the song “Circles" as "one of the easier entry points to Pujol’s new record”. He says it is a song that can be appreciated for not only the sound but also for the message it seeks to convey, which in this case is a world of everyone being dissconnected and feeding into the modern world's obsession with mass media.

For Walston’s second pick as guest DJ he looks to a band that is centered in his home of Richmond Virginia, Sleepwalkers “Cocaine”.  Walston knew of the artists that make up Sleepwalkers from the local music scene in Richmond but when his friend brought him their long awaited album he realized that he was an instant fan, “I haven’t been that stoked about a record in a long time, every song is perfection…these are just some dudes that nobody knows in a basement in Richmond and that blows my mind.” For his third pick as guest DJ on The Morning Mix, Walston picks “September Gurls” by Big Star. One of Walston’s favorite bands of all time, he describes them as “the American Beatles” and “September Gurls” is his perfect end of the summer power pop song.

J Roddy Walston and the Business newest album is called Essential Tremors.

J Roddy Walston's song picks:
1. "Circles" - Pujol
2. "Cocaine" - Sleepwalkers
3. "September Gurls" - Big Star

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