Interview with Yeasayer


In light of their upcoming performance tonight at Mr. Smalls Theatre, Yeasayer bassist Ira Wolf Tuton spoke to Joey of the Morning Mix.  Yeasayer is a psychadelic pop band from Brooklyn, New York and have been making music since 2007.  Yeasayer really took the music scene by storm with their 2007 performance at SXSW and have not looked back since.

Since their 2010 release, Odd Blood, Yeasayer has pretty much been on tour non stop.  Joey and Ira discuss what the band does in the little down time they do have inbetween their packed tour schedule.  "[during our downtime] we usually try and work on music.  We've all been home for a little bit recently and haven't had large blocks of tours.  We have all been pretty productive in our own little studios."

Yeasayer has a unique sound, their music contains many layers.  With that being said, there is a pretty extensive writing and recording process needed for Yeasayer achieve said sound.  Tuton comments on recording with Yeasayer, "It's pretty much the three of us working on demos alone.  Through that process over a period of months we send it back and forth to one other.  People get their interests peaked by different demos.  At a certain point we all kind of slam together into a singular studio space and start retracking and go about producing the project.  It's nice to share back and forth through the inventions of technology but every once in awhile it's nice to get in the same room as people."

Yeasayer's latest record, Fragarant World, has gained a lot of recognition since it's release.  Joey and Ira discuss the track "Reagan's Skeleton."  "It's an ode to Eastern European dance crazed off world.  That song was actually recorded at the end of the whole process and it had laid aroud for awhile.  That was one of Chris's demos.  It kind of came together at the end."

Yesayer's latest album Fragarant World is in stores now and you can look for them on tour this summer.

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