Interview with Todd Snider of Hard Working Americans


Todd Snider of the recently formed Hard Working Americans joined Morning Mix host, Joey Spehar to talk about the band's new album and his transition from folk music to jam band music. Originally an American singer-songwriter, Snider has put together what he sees to be his very own jam band. Although the folk scene has treated him well, Snider tells Joey he has to try something new, go out and live some stories so that he can tell them again.

The band has a slightly different view on the definition of what a true hardworking American is. As the general population sees the term as a classification of one who gets up and goes to work everyday, Snider sees it as a person who explore the bounds of the freedom which this country was founded upon. Like when you go to an art show and none of the art makes any sense, or the kids on the street who jump trains and have tattoos on their faces.

“Not tea party people, to me. Not the normal person that waves a flag and thinks of themselves as hard-working American because they go to work everyday. We all do that. Even the hobos do that. Some people work all day to get out of the cold.”

Todd spoke on behalf of his recording experience at TRI Studios, a recording facility formed by Grateful Dead founding member, Bob Weir, and had nothing but great things to say. “The coolest studio I’ve ever been to,” says Snider as he transitions to the type of music we can expect to hear on the first self-titled album. Technically it is an album full of covers, but Snider feels differently on the topic.

“Every song on the record, except for maybe one, is on an album that really only sold five thousand of them...There are so many guys in Nashville that write great rock songs, like Will Kimbrough, if The Band or The Dead or somebody was looking for a song they’d have it… There’s all these songs that are never gonna get out of the 200 seat venue”

Snider has big goals for Hard Working Americans, as he plans for them to release at least three albums within the next year, the second one to be expectedly denser and less catchy, as Snider puts it. For more information on the new supergroup and what they’re up to, check out their website.

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