Interview with Robert Randolph


Robert Randolph - the charismatic leader of Robert Randolph & The Family Band - talks with Joey Spehar of The Morning Mix about the band's new album Lickety Split and about what fans can expect at their performance at the Flood City Music Festival.

Joey and Robert discuss the creation of the latest Robert Randolph and the Family Band album, Lickety Split.  “It starts off us just getting in a room and making music.  I think the music brings about the lyrics or chorus for me.  But it’s just about us getting in a room, spending days, weeks in the studio and coming up with all of these musical pieces,” explains Randolph.  Robert Randolph also pointed out that most of the great songs of the past and present are created similar to how he and the Family Band recorded music, everyone in a room playing together.  “Look at band’s like the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I’ve seen those guys in studio and they just go in and jam.   As the jams start to come together they start to develop a chorus, then a verse, then a title.  That’s really how we [Robert Randolph and the Family Band] like to feed off each other in the studio, that’s really how it’s done.  Robert Randolph also highlighted how working with producer Eddie Kramer (Led Zeppelin, Santana, Jimi Hendrix) has helped him come to the realization that the best music comes from the members collaborating all at once while writing.  “He would tell us the same stories that Jimi Hendrix and Zeppelin and those guys.  The reason those recordings came out like that is because those guys were hearing it back as we almost here it today,” adds Randolph.

The latest Robert Randolph and the Family Band record includes collaborations with Trombone Shorty and Carlos Santana.  Over the years Robert Randolph worked with a magnitude of musical talent.  Joey and Robert discuss the influence of one artist in particular, Calvin Cooke.  “Calvin his really sat down with me and taught me and helped me develop as a pedal player.  It would sort of be like Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughn you know, it’s sort of that kind of relationship.”

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