Interview with Matt Pryor


Matt Pryor is back! After quitting music several years ago, he makes his triumphant return. Joey Spehar interviewed him to get the scoop.

“I did a resume for the first time in my life, which sounds kind of ludicrous, but I didn’t want to do music anymore.” Even though Matt has been running his own business the last 20 years in the form of his musical projects, on a resume it doesn’t look like he’s had a job for two decades. That’s when he realized he didn’t want to quit music, and now he has some new projects.

The new EP with James Dewees came out yesterday, and Pryor has a solo album coming out in November. “Failing You” sounds like the best part of the Get Up Kids,” said Joey. Matt said that this was his intention, and that he think’s it sounds like Reggie (and the Full Effect) and himself singing from 1998. “The A side of the 7 inch is a very synth riff, kind of. It’s very Reggie-esque in a way.”

“James sent me these songs, and I said, “I’m just gonna scream on them. It’s a rock record.” Where past albums have been folky, country, or singer/songwriter heavy, this one is more rock. “I’m very happy with it. It’s very cathartic,” Pryor says.

New EP with James Dewees is out now, and Wrist Slitter will be out in November. Matt Pryor will be playing at Mr. Small’s this December. “I love playing there because it has a kitchen backstage and I can cook dinner for the entire crew. I’ve done that the last 3 or 4 times I’ve been there.”

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