Interview with Billy Price


In light of tonight's performance and latest release Strong, Billy Price stoppped by to talk about the new album with Cindy Howes of The Morning Mix.  The title of the album derives from the track "Gotta Be Strong."  Price describes the process of naming the album and its meaning. "I just suggested a number of titles to our record company guy and he liked Strong just by itself.  Of all the songs on the album, [Gotta Be Strong] it's the only one that's thematic, so I think it kind of reflects were I am in life and I think there's an element of that in it."  Billy Price's album Strong has an array of special guests on it including with Jimmy Britton and Fred Chapellier who have worked with him over that last few years.  "Jimmy is just so great and so prolific.  Jimmy at home works some musical tracks and I just try to figure something out for lyrics."

Billy Price comments on his connection with James Brown and the cover of "Never Get Enough" that's a track on Strong. "I saw James Brown three or four times live.  I saw the famous concert in 1967 at Madison Square Garden.  There's a sax player that used to play with me for five years named Eric Leeds.  Eric's brother Allen was James Brown's road manager.  Eric and Allen together are what I think are the world's great experts on the music of James Brown. The song on this album "Never Get Enough" is actually under Bobby Byrd who was one of James' background singers."

Billy Price had been in show business for many years. Price has become known for his dynamic yet restrained frontman style.  Price comments how his style of being a frontman has evolved over the years.  "One of the things I learned maybe four albums ago was that I didn't have to sing a maximum intensity all the time."  Price recalls a past conversation with Jon Tiven in which he learned to find his softer voice.  "You know it's much different singing in front of an audience than it is singing in a studio.  It took me many years to learn to sing in the studio, to be more sutle.".

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