Heather Arnet on Brazilian Music


Heather Arnet, writer and producer of "Madame Presidenta: Why Not U.S.?, joined Morning Mix host, Cindy Howes to talk about modern pop music in Brazil. Arnet tells us about the time she spent in Brazil and how music is such a crucial part of their culture and everyday life. She compares the place to New Orleans; when she would be filming and turn the corner, there would be a samba parade or people dancing and practicing music in the street and in cafes.

Arnet aimed to share modern pop music in Brazil with us, when many people imagine Samba music or “Girl from Ipanema” as regular Brazilian music. The first tune we hear is from Ivete Sangalo with “Dançando” featuring Shakira. Heather tells us that Sangalo is a dynamic pop star in Brazil and she has a hard time comparing Ivete to any American artist. Heather then introduces us to the “Beyonce of Brazil,” Anitta, and her song “Show das Poderosas” which was also released in 2013.

Heather was born and raised in Miami, Florida and her best friend was Brazilian. Her friend constantly had Roberto Carlos playing in the kitchen and this was the first Brazilian artist that Heather was introduced to. When Heather was in Brazil for her film, Roberto Carlos released another song, “Esse Cara Sou Eu” so she played it for us.

“Everybody in the world is dealing with these same kinds of issues,” says Heather in relation to the lyrical content of music from different countries. “They might be coming about the answers in a different way. So if we want to think about how to advance women economically or politically in this country we should look to see how other countries have done it, too.”

The CEO of the Women and Girls Foundation and writer/director of “Madame Presidentia, Why Not U.S.?” spoke at the University of Pittsburgh on Tuesday night to talk about her film which is out now.

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